hakaselogs - Notes mostly about software engineering and what I'm working on.


Notes mostly about software engineering and what I’m working on.

03 May 2021

Working with JSON in Go

A guide to working with JSON in Go and some gotchas and surprises to take note of.
08 Apr 2021

Enum Stringer Interface optimisation in Go

A tip on how to optimise enum stringer interface
07 Feb 2020

Line Numbers In Vim

Vim’s absolute, relative and hybrid line numbers
10 Jan 2020

does workday do payroll

Yes, Workday provides payroll services for businesses.
01 Dec 2018

Building Small Containers for Kubernetes

This article will show you how you can build small containers to make your Kubernetes deployments faster and more secure.
20 Apr 2018

Building a Web App With Go, Gin and React

In this tutorial, I'll show you how easy it is to build a web application with Go and the Gin framework and add authentication to it.
19 Apr 2018

The CouchDB Replicator Database - An Overview

An overview of how the replicator database works in CouchDB, and how to setup replication like a Boss.
06 Mar 2018

Here's What's New In Go 1.10

The latest Go release, v1.10 arrived six months after V1.9. This release was stated in the change-logs and the Go blog. I'm gonna share some interesting changes I've found in Go 1.10 with you.
05 Dec 2017

React Native vs Ionic - A Quick Comparison

Demistifying the differences between Ionic and React Native
19 Nov 2017

Getting Started with Go - Variables

Learn about variables in Go